Information Management Topics

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MANAGEMENT REPORT: Investigation of Information Management Topics

Investigation of Information Management Topics



1. Executive summary 4

2. Investigating the Topics 4

2.1 Augmented reality 4

2.2 Social networking tools 5

2.3 Web2.0 Technology 7

2.4 Nex-gen Systems 8

2.5 Project and Portfolio management 10

2.6 Applicability of innovation 12

2.7 King Report/Sarbanes-Oxley Act 13

3. Conclusion 16

4. Bibliography 17


Information technology and management topics are often underestimated and underutilised by organisations in their quest to achieve the ultimate business strategy and become.

The purpose of this assignment is to delve into a number of information technology topics and investigate what the topics are about, how and if they are applicable to a large industrial organisation and what this organisation should do with the possibilities and opportunities created by these areas.

The main findings in this investigation have been that some of the areas are mandatory for any organisation to stay relevant, not just industrial organisations. Achieving company objectives and strategic goals might be almost impossible without implementing or acquiring some of the benefits and advantages of these systems, whereas other systems are more of a nice-to-have “impression tool” in the current age.

Management will have to relook and prioritise the business’ strategic objectives to allow space and development for the new systems as identified in this investigation that is going to require not only resources, but continuous monitoring, capital inputs and commitment from all stakeholders.


2.1 Augmented reality

The goal of Augmented Reality (AR) is to add information and meaning to a real object or place. Unlike virtual reality,...