10t Single Girder Bridge Crane at the Best Price

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KF CRANE is a professional production of heavy overhead crane manufacturer, overhead crane was hung in workshops, warehouses and material lifting field empty for material lifting equipment. Because of its ends situated in the tall concrete pillars or metal stent, shaped like a bridge.

10T single girder bridge crane introduction

Single girder Bridge crane has reasonable structure and strong rigidity.CD1 and MD1 hoist are used together with this type of crane which is on light duty.The electric hoist runs along the lower flange of thesteel of the girder to accomplish article hoisting.It features light structure and easy installation and maintenance.

Advantages of 10T single girder bridge crane

1. Low dead weight- FEA technology designed box section, reasonable structure, sound stress requirements via analyzing.

2. High working intensity geared motor to main lifting, lifetime lubricative gear box, overheating protection, sound mechanical performance.

3. Electromagnetic brake along with adjustable brake disc device, extremely low maintenance rate, effective working life which should not less than 1 million times operation.

4.Trinity drive units outfit to C.T & L.T part, VVVF speed control and closed gear transmission, low noise.

5. Modular designed electric cabinet, world class sub-vendor for electrical component supply, anti-phase dislocation, default phase and over current protect.

6. Shorterzing treat hook apply to anti-fray material, effectively protect hook shell rubbing from wire rope, 360° horizontal & 180° vertical rotating, making operation easily.

7. Full sets of limit switches effect while hoisting, C.T and L.T reach to limits, make sure crane each mechanism, each time operation safe.

Sincerely hope to provide you with professional services about lifting equipment. We will assure to provide you with a safe and reliable, practical and economical lifting equipment solutions.