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....A Step towards Nano Future




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Nanotechnology is one of recent and threatening technology developing from the past 3- 4 centuries. This technology had put its hands in each and every branch of science. Henceforth, this has developed many of the applications in each of the branch of science. Some of the recent developments are in biotechnology, medical science, pharmacy, and etc.

Especially, in electronics there has been a tremendous development. As we know that because of the miniaturization i.e. because of the VLSI a large room size computer is reduced to a small desktop computer, laptop computer, palmtop computer and etc. But now because of the nanotechnology development in field of electronics now an big size of robot is reduced to a small toy like size.

The present VLSI electronic systems rely on the Silicon MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) technology whose advances will soon come to saturation. Carbon nanotubes represent advancement in the materials technology with potential for providing switching devices that may be faster and smaller than the present MOS devices. Carbon nanotubes are miniature tube structures with intriguing characteristics. The tube, in the normal untwisted state, conducts electricity. When twisted, the tube acts as a semiconductor.

With the decline of ability to improve the MOSFET technology in the next decade or so, there is a rush to try to find a replacement. Carbon nanotubes, which are sheets of graphene rolled up, are being investigated as replacements for silicon devices. This new class of transistors, known as carbon nanotube transistors,...