Organizational Analysis of Riordan Manufacturing

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Organizational Analysis of Riordan Manufacturing


Organizational Analysis of Riordan Manufacturing


In order for organizations to evolve and ensure that internal operations is meeting the needs of its workers and external customers, an analysis of internal departments and external influences should occur to refine how an organization performs. Of all departments, sales and marketing, human resources, and operations and logistics are critical departments within any organization due to its direct influence on workers, customers, and producing the goods and services, the company provides. In addition, legal concerns can influence how an organization operates across all departments. Within Riordan Manufacturing, each department is attempting to organize and reduce complexity and disorganization in order to add greater value to the company.

The sales and marketing department’s goal is to consolidate manual data stores, microfiche and paper records into a centralized subsystem that can service the entire company with future marketing and sales projects. This goal is accomplished through an examination of the company’s sales and marketing strategy, to include internal systems and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Other departments, such as human resources (HR) department at Riordan Manufacturing are attempting to improve operations as well. Within its scope of managing the recruitment of employees, benefits management, salary administration and job classification, training and development, records management, and employee relations, HR is evaluating its human resources information systems to determine the correct direction for systems improvement. Therefore, Riordan Manufacturing is investigating possible replacement systems and identifying the business and technical requirements to meet the needs of the every expanding organization.

The core of organizations in the manufacturing sector is the ability to control supply chain,...