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Russia and World War 1

What were the effects of World War One on the political, economic and social structure of Russia?


• The war began positively for Russia – it united the population behind a common cause and a wave of patriotism focusing on loyalty to the Tsar swept the country.

• Only the Socialists within the Duma opposed Russian involvement in the war and Lenin speaking from abroad fiercely denounced the ‘bourgeois’ conflict.

The Reality of the War

• The First World War was a devastating conflict for all countries involved but for none more so than Russia. She lost over 4 million men in the first year alone.

• The Russian army had spirit and bravery but they lacked effective leadership or the benefits of modern technology and despite some modest victories were severely battered by the Germans.

The Tsar as Commander

• By mid 1915 Russia was facing terrible difficulties and the Tsar made the decision to assume command of the armed forces.

• This decision was strongly opposed by the Duma who felt that the Tsar had no experience of leading troops (they were right) and felt that the move would put the Tsarist system under serious threat (they were right).

Problems facing Russia by 1917

• Mounting military defeats

• Increasingly organised and vocal opposition from political groups i.e. Liberals – The Duma was suspended in 1915 in an attempt to silence the opposition.

• Rapidly falling living standards - food shortages, rising prices and fuel shortages.

• Spiraling government expenditure – so the government began to print more paper money – resulted in inflationary problems.

Loss of confidence in the Tsar-Nicholas, Alexandra and Rasputin.

• Alexandra assumed a lot of responsibility for ruling Russia whilst Nicholas was away with the troops – she was an uncompromising believer in autocracy and was opposed to any attempts at compromise.

• She became increasingly unpopular during the war – she was German by birth and she was rarely...