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Reflective Essay

Business Ethics was not the course I thought it would be. I truthfully felt it was a typical ethics course previously taken in several college classes or the typical Army ethical briefing. However, this Ethics course has been an outstanding course that has provided me with opportunities in that the course constantly sought ways in which we could illustrate and integrate utilitarian and deontological methodology into many life aspects.

We talked initially about the original of our personal value systems, which led into in-depth discussions and elaboration on medical privacy, work place drug testing, merit, and a summation of the differences between negligence and intentional homicide. The reference topics allowed us to define the utilitarian and deontological aspects of actions and the impact on civil and human rights. Furthermore, we were given real world events that included subjects relative to top executives and reward systems, sexual harassment, discrimination, and other relevant subjects. Essentially, we focused on work conditions and human rights issues.

I learned how to look at both sides of an event and not judge people because of their lack of information or ability to attain technological systems. Basically, forcing employees to take certain tests is a violation. Such issues concerning whether my bosses and other entities have the right to certain unethical practices relative to safety laws and the like were critical subjects. Furthermore, is it correct for my thoughts to be the same as my employers or can I express my differences openly without retaliation? Did I get promoted on my potential and past performance or did I get promoted because I fit in with the established status preference?

My knowledge base again has been expanded because of this class and I appreciate that the class was not just a general Ethics course. This class has been a wonderful opportunity to look at things differently and has carried...