Strategic Marketing at Dalda

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Principles of Marketing

Strategic Marketing At DALDA

Institute of Business Administration

Executive Summary

This report focuses on the following areas:

Target Market and market segments

Product Positioning

Consumer Markets and Consumer Behavior


Product Development

And Competition Analysis

The Marketing Mix

Product i.e. all the products under the Dalda brand of Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd.

Packaging, Branding and Life cycle stages have been covered

Price and Pricing Strategies have been discussed

Distribution system is discussed in detail and Lever’s Strategies regarding the promotion of Dalda brand are also covered.

Swot Analysis has also been discussed.


This report is an application of the Marketing concepts used as a business function by the Oils, Dairies and Fats Division of Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd. (LBPL)for Dalda Brand. The goal of Marketing is to create customer satisfaction profitably by building value-laden relationships with important customers. It calls on the organization to think "customer.” and regard him as the King

we, as students require an in depth insight into the creative world of marketing. we need to know how vital role marketing plays in any organization as they all reach out to satisfy citizen and customer needs, providing them value resulting in company profits. our aim was to objectively analyze these principles as applied in the business environment in Pakistan.


My heartiest gratitude to everyone who helped me in carrying out this study.

Special thanks are due to Ms. Sara Khan for her much needed guidance.

We are deeply thankful to Mr. Chaudhary Mohammad Basharat (Group Marketing Manager) and Mr. Shehzad Khan (Product Manager) for their valuable assistance.

Our heartiest regards to Mr. Naeem Khokar (ex Business unit Manager ODF).

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