Lab Report on Seed Germination

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Title: Germination in plants

Introduction: Germination is the beginning of growth process of the embryo of a plant triggered by some factors. The germination of the embryo of a plant basically requires three main circumstances which are temperature, water and oxygen. Three experiments were conducted on each circumstance to investigate and hence determine how temperature, water and oxygen had affected the germination.

Research Question: What is the effect of presence of water, oxygen and different temperature on the seed germination?

Hypothesis: Presence of water will allow seed germination because seed will absorb water to activate hydrolyze enzyme such as amylase which is the initial process of germination. Presence of oxygen will also allow seed germination because oxygen are needed to generate energy by undergoing aerobic respiration which is essential in germination. Optimum temperature will allow seed germination because temperature gives effect on the enzymes activity which at low temperature, enzyme will be inactivated and at very high temperature, enzyme will be denatured.


Independent: Presence of water that can be verified by preparing four containers which are A, B, C and D. Container A will be prepared with soaked peas and dry cotton wool, container B with soaked peas and wet cotton wool, container C with soaked peas submerged with water and container D with dry peas and dry cotton wool as the controlled container. Presence of oxygen can be verified by preparing two conical flasks A and B. Flask A will contain pyrogallin acid and sodium hydroxide solution wherelse flask B will contain water. Moist cotton rolled with cress seeds will be left hanging in both flasks without the cotton touching the solution and being left for one week. Different temperature can be verified by rolling soak maize grains in three strips of moist blotting paper and later will be put in a plastic bag labeled A, B and...