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Business Communication

Angela Montanile, Eris Mucollari, Francisco Pedroza, Kristy Mitchell, Jabyne Trujillo, Williams Quiroga.

Learning Team Charter Analysis


April 26, 2010

Donald L. Reinhart

Learning Team Charter Analysis

In a group, there needs to be good communication. People within the group need to be able to communicate with one another in order to get projects and papers done efficiently. If there is a dispute of any type, then the group should be able to talk about it and work things in out in order to make sure that the group agrees on certain topics and gets the assignments done in an orderly fashion. The team should also be able to discuss strategies that could lead to a good team communication. For a team to have good communication, sometimes technology falls in to that department and makes things a lot easier in terms of communicating with one another. Having constant contact in a group can lead to answering questions faster and also lead to the group understanding one another and therefore being able to get assignments done on time and with 100 percent of an effort from everyone within the group.

Group communication is the information, expressions, and thoughts shared among members of the same group. It is the exchange of opinions and ideas in an informal manner. Communication is the interface to fundamental literacy and intellectual distinction.

Communication is important for all groups, because it determines their success or fail. Good communication builds trust and respect. Action is also important form of communication and indicates commitment to stated agreements, although communication is defined as oral or written dialogue. If an individual sends information to an individual or group, the receiver is required to understand it the way it was intended. In order to arrive at a common understanding, it is imperative to request opinions.

Group communication has the ability to offer different thoughts and collective...