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My Financial Makeover



People can tell us over and over what not do with our own money, but we never realize they are right until we hear it come from a stranger. Teaching people how to really manage their money and help them understand the language of money management, is nearly impossible. Two things that truly inspired me to follow my plan to be debt free was to organize our debts from smallest to largest and start eliminating, and also understanding the concept that debt is not a tool.

​It is not easy for people to understand, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, Debt is not a tool. In easier terms, if you don’t have the cash upfront to pay for something, then you cannot afford it. It’s so hard to think that way when we are brought up following footsteps and live in the now. We are taught that having a car payment, mortgage, and bills are the normal life. It might be average but it is not the smart thing to do. The average person doesn’t know how to manage his or her own money. It seems that saving money is considered Stone Age. If an emergency occurs and we don’t have the money upfront, we turn to cash advance loans or putting it on a credit card. Two of the worst things you can do!

​One of the easiest ways for anyone to get out of debt is to organize your bills not only in the order they get paid monthly, but also from smallest to largest debt amount. Mostly everyone already has their bills organized in the order they are due and just one step further can make the difference in becoming debt free. Another key factor in this equation to remember is to become current in all your bills before


you can start the debt snowball. Every time you pay something off pretend you still have the payment and put that amount on to the next on your list so you can pay your debt off faster. It will be hard but not impossible to do. You can enjoy your money when it’s yours and you owe no one. The encouragement you can use is telling yourself that you will get...