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General Psychology

1. Consciousness

Being the typical teen that I am, I have experienced much stuff: Depression, devastation, confusion, hopelessness, insecurity, being hurt, and even being left out. I believe teenage life is a transitory phase wherein these kinds of emotions are normal. But these examples of teenage angst had almost driven me out of my wits.

When I was in my younger years, I really crammed a lot. I worried a lot. I had lots of problems at home, mom and dad were always fighting about financial matter, as well as my siblings skirmishing for non-sense things. In school, the endless requirements that made me cram a lot and gave me sleepless nights. With my whole family, who were expecting much from me, that I was bounded with the certainty that I would always rank first. With my closest friends, I got tired by their great expectations. And even the person who was close to my heart, I got irritated when he sees the smallest of my mistakes. No one urged to understand my sentiments in life. I felt so down and I wanted to blame the whole world for what was happening to me. Those years were my darkest moments. It came to the point that I was fervently looking for effective pain-relievers and medicine to my troubled soul.

Now, as I look back I think of the possibility that these may happen to me again. I am thinking of the best remedy if these will happen once more. I will not deny it, I am thinking of drugs as one of the best medicines for me to easily escape from life’s dangers, misfortunes and trials. I think of being addicted to anti-depressant drugs wouldn’t put me in the state of having troubled soul.

It makes me ponder for a while, stop with what I’m doing and ask myself, “Is it really a best cure for difficulties? Will I really get something good from using it?” these questions awakened my soul. Yes, I’m not yet losing my sanity. I could have cut myself to death with that thinking. It was stupidity. I haven’t thought of the...

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