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Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth (BPPG)

 (To be completed in Week 8)

Definition of BPPG: 

The adult learner and the business professional in the 21st century must learn to self-manage, self-monitor, and self-motivate to meet the multiple demands in his/her personal and professional life. The Blueprint for Personal & Professional Growth (BPPG) is designed to help individuals with establishing a habit or process of setting goals, analyzing and reflecting on benchmarks, and addressing strengths and challenges. The BPPG (initiated in the first course of the MBA and addressed in each subsequent core course) encourages students to consider, reflect, address, and develop successful skills and dispositions. The BPPG will culminate in the final course as the student reflects over the time span of the MBA program.  

The BPPG is designed to guide you in the development of skills and dispositions that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. The BPPG has two major components:

1) You will be given a description of expectations and an explanation of the end assignment in Week 1 (and as appropriate throughout the course) that will enable you to practice forward thinking strategies. By knowing the end assignment, you can proactively plan how you will prepare to complete the assignment. As you self-manage, self-monitor, and self-motivate during the weeks of the course, you can identify strengths and challenges that promote or interfere with your plan. You might consider this a floating assignment because you know the assignment will be completed at the end of the course.

2) You will spend approximate 4–5 hours at the end of Week 8 reflecting on the impact of the course work and your personal dispositions. This reflection or introspection should be personal, purposeful, and intentional so that you can assess your current skills, abilities, and dispositions then determine how you will continue to develop, hone, or strengthen specific skills,...