Ipad's Security Breach

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Running Head: IPAD'S Security Breach

IPAD'S Security Breach

Leslie Medlock

Professor Janet Durgin

The Business Enterprise

December 1, 2010

Discuss Goatse Security firm possible objectives when they hacked into AT&T Website:

In reviewing the different television news reports and articles written on the IPad's security breach that was discovered by Goatse Security firm I would have to say that Goatse Security objectives and motives were very unprofessional. This is a company that uses their skill sets to make other companies look really bad in the public eyes. Spencer Ante of the Wall Street Journal really highlighted their objectives which were, "to expose security holes" and once these security holes have been exposed, "to make them public to show off their skills and generate new business for the security firm". This is a security consulting firm that consist of 9 employees that their daily job duties are hacking into other companies websites.

Argue for or against computer hacking as an ethical corporate strategy for computer security firms:

I feel it is very unethical for a security firm to hack into any companies websites as an ethical corporate strategy without prior permission from the company. According to(Aaron, R., 2010). As with all types of activities which have a darker side, there will be dishonest people presenting drawbacks. The possible drawbacks of ethical hacking include:

* The ethical hacker using the knowledge they gain to do malicious hacking activities.

* Allowing the company's financial and banking details to be seen.

* The possibility that the ethical hacker will send and/or place malicious code, viruses, malware and other destructive and harmful things on a computer system.

* Massive security breach.

However in today's society companies now hire ethical hackers also know as "penetration testing" and "intrusion testing" to explore their companies own defenses. If any weaknesses...