Performance Management

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The performance management came into wide use in the HR field in the early 1990s. Although objective setting , assessment and review ,and performance related pay were becoming common prior to that period, it was not until the late 1980s that organizations started to be concerned with the management of individual performance in a holistic way. Even when the institute of personnel management carried out research in the area in 1992 there was confusion over what the term performance management actually meant. For some it was appraisal process ,for others it is performance related pay and yet others defined it as terms of training and development .

Performance management is a process of identifying a work environment (v) setting in which people are enabled to perform to do the best of their abilities.

The performance management involves

i. Traditional appraisal process

ii. Modern appraisal process.

Performance management helps to improve the competency level among employees as a case study, I have identified broadcasting media as my subjects & wants to identify the performance level of talents exist among Radio Jackey’s.

In my project work I have identified in 94.3 one among the leading commercial frequency modulation station operating in various states in India is one among them.

Performance Management

We have a structured Performance management system that sets specific objectives and measures performance achievement while identifying development opportunities. This enables the company to develop individuals, identify potential, reward performance, improve productivity and create a performance culture.

With the rollout of our Broker Management Model Programme (BMMP) and the adoption of our new values, it became opportune to review our Performance management systems and procedures across the country. A survey was undertaken resulting in the revamp of the Performance management system...