Christianity and Homosexuality

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Christians and Homosexuality

Final Analysis Paper

It has been said that Christians posits homophobic ideas against homosexuals. The dogma of marriage between one mad and one woman is antiquated. Even some mainstream Christians feel that as long as the union is monogamous it does not matter if it is between man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman. Jerry Bigner offers the concept of “heterosexism (the prejudicial belief that heterosexuality is superior and preferable to homosexuality due to the high value placed on procreativity.” By this definition, many Christians can be labeled thus. However, their beliefs go much deeper. This paper is dedicated to clarifying some of the myths.

While it is true most Christians emphasize procreation as a constituent of marriage, it is not however, the only reason. God’s purpose was for man and woman to be a fully integrated unity walking in integrity and serving God. However, postmodernism has sought to vilify such a union. They believe all personal choices are good. Which leads this writer to ask; do they fear or even know the Lord God?

What if God does exist and His view is totally contrary to theirs? Should Christians accept their postulations of not judging others? If so, should the likes of Karl Marx or Aldof Hitler not be judged? What about Genghis Kahn or more recently Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? If the postmodernist want homosexuality to be accepted as inherent in a person’s being, shouldn’t inherent evil also be accepted as a means of free expression?

The acceptance of homosexuality in our society steadily increased during the latter part of the 20th century. However, wide acceptance does not make it right. Scientist has said that homosexuality is an inborn trait causing the developers of the DSM-IV to remove it as an abnormal disease. Is homosexuality inborn? Is there empirical evidence proving this suggestion? Simon Levay and Dean Hamer attempted to prove scientifically the...