Supply Chain Management - Define the Term Supply Chain Management. Discuss the Various Phases of Evolution of Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management

1. Vansh & Yash Brothers utilize 12000 units of raw material costing 1.25rs per unit.

Placing each order costs 15rs and the carrying costs are 15% per year per unit of the

average inventory. The firm follows EOQ policy of purchasing. It operates 300 days per

year. Procurement time is 14 days and safety stock is 400 units. Calculate the following.

(i) EOQ

(ii) Re-order point

(iii) Maximum inventory

(iv) Average inventory

2. Define the term Agile supply chain. How Agile supply chain different from the

traditional supply chain?

3. Explain the Role of Strategic Management framework for information technology

adoption in supply chain management with suitable chart.

4. Gillette (India) Ltd is the leader in male and female grooming products. Till the year

2000 nobody was clearly accountable for the accuracy of the forecast at Gillette, and

poor forecasting resulted in several supply chain problems like low service levels and

high imbalanced inventories. In 2002 brand managers were given responsibility of

demand forecasting. As there were no standard processes so the firm realized that brand

managers were more connected with their sales targets and were not focusing on

forecasting accurate market demands. If you are given the responsibility of demand

forecasting how would you forecast the demand of the Gillette (India) Ltd?

5. A global company has put up a captive facility in india to manage a couple of internal

backend processes. The CEO of the local unit is worried about the long term

competitiveness of the Indian unit. Labor cost has been increasing at the rate of 15

percent in the last few years, and the CEO is worried that in the near future these

processes may get shifted to eastern Europe or some other part of...