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Overview of the existing organizations

Our agency “The Phoenix Star” has been in business for the past 5 years, catering to new and old businesses to help design and promote companies to become a household name. Our team of specialist brings a friendly and inviting atmosphere when meeting with clients in the agencies open meeting room which showcases the Phoenix Star Agency successful projects around a comfortable non aggressive atmosphere.

West Coast Choppers is a company best known for selling chopper-style motorcycles. Some of their more well-known customers include celebrities such as Shaquille O'Neal, Keanu Reeves, Kid Rock, James Hetfield, Tyson Beckford, and The Undertaker. In recent years, under the management of Jesse G. James, the firm has expanded into licensing the brand onto other items and the creation of a now-ended television series on the Discovery Channel. The company's rise to national prominence coincided with the 2001 shows Motorcycle Mania I and II, airing on the Discovery Channel. James later starred with Kid Rock in Motorcycle Mania III (2004). With the release of these shows interest in Jesse James and the West Coast Choppers allowed the firm to expand knowledge of its brand and to expand its already strong cult-like following. Jesse James has also narrated a recent 2006 Discovery show called History of the Chopper, where he makes his own master piece to commemorate the 1960s

In 2001, the company's merchandise (along with the No Fear brand) was banned from the Simi Valley Unified School District in California based on its usage of the German Iron Cross. West Coast Choppers merchandise, particularly T-shirts and hats, is popular among teenagers in the United States. It also has a huge following in Europe, especially with the appearance of the clothing in films such as the globally successful The Fast and the Furious.

West Coast Choppers Café Project

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