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Exploring Creative Product Promotion.

For the company I will be looking at Vodafone and the types of way they advertise and promote their products. The products I will be looking at is their (pay as you go) and (tariff). I will also be looking at their phones and their techniques in how they interest their customers in their products.

What are their products/services?

• The company I am looking at is Vodafone and their products they are offering are pay as you go phones as well as tariff phones. They also offer wireless internet services.

What is the product/services range?

• Vodafone is not a company that sells phone they also promote and sell sim cards as well as well as express cards, internet wireless routers, and plug and go USB modems. They also offer mobile internet most of their mobile tariff plans.

Who are the target customers?

• Vodafone try to aim at all age groups. I.e. when it comes to middle age groups they offer mobile internet which is attracts our age groups because these are the sort of things that interests middle age group people. When it comes to business people they offer products like wireless internet, plug and go USB modems and express card these will interest business people because it is making their life a lot easier. They also offer a lot of different services to people who have different choices i.e. they normally ask you if you are a talker more than a texter on a phone. This s is to give more minutes to talkers than texts and more texts to texters than minutes.

How are prices defined?

• For Vodafone pricing strategies and tactics they use market skimming/creaming. This is when businesses sets a very high price for a new product and maintain their high price until their rivals bring out similar products. I.e. Vodafone are the first people that are offering tariffs on the new Samsung u700 but when it start being offered by other companies (E.g. 02, orange and 3mobile) Vodafone’s price will drop to...