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The college formally operated in June of 1988 with 13 faculty members and meager 380 students. It had its first commencement exercises in March of 1990 for its associate courses and later in 1992 produced its first batch of Bachelor degree holders. Fortunately, for that same year, three pioneer students out of 37- made it as CPA Board Passers. With increasing demand for graduate education, the Graduate School of Business was established in 1996, offering degree in Master of Business Administration and Master of Government Management. On March 9, 1998, the Commission on Higher Education granted full recognition under GR035 series of 1998 to SPCBA Graduate School of Business. From then on, SPCBA has emerged to be what it is known today – the Premiere Business School in the South.

SPCBA also building a career for young IT/CS programmers. On its long years of existence, SPCBA became known for good programmers. Having a research on a particular IT/CS programming skills – web programming, specifically on IT/CS graduating students will introduce the questions if they are ready to face the web programming world, if they possess a good programming skills and impose professionalism.

Background of the Study

The focus of the study is to evaluate the graduating students’ ability and skills regarding programming and what could be their career after graduation. Having research throughout the IT/CS students’ ability help on making a good critic not just for the respondents but also for the school alma mater.

The aim of the researchers is to make a study on the graduating students of IT/CS in SPCBA regarding their web programming skills. Programming skills evaluation will help in analyzing their abilities.

Statement of the Problem

Below are the problems that are encountered in the graduating students of IT/CS programmers that must be given utmost attention:

• General Problem

o To evaluate and study is the...