Individual Critical Thinking Assignment

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Individual Critical Thinking Assignments: Synchronous Presentation Directions

General Instructions

Each student will be required to use the University provided online video conferencing service to complete the Critical Thinking assignments each week of the course. A functional webcam is required for each student to complete this course and must be used with this online service to interact with the instructor and other students in the course for this assignment. Contact the instructor immediately with any questions or concerns.

The Presentation

The course facilitator divides students into groups of no more than five, and reserves a meeting using the online collaborative tool for 1.5 hours in length for each group. This time will be used for individual presentations, turnover between students, and a short break, if necessary. The meeting will be set up as a recorded session during the first four days of the designated week of instruction (weeks 7 – 12). During the meeting time, students individually present their individual critical thinking assignments to their group. Each student is allotted up to ten minutes for the presentation to the group, and up to five minutes to respond to questions and answers from the group. The group will select a group leader to be responsible to time each student’s presentation and response.

Classmate Responses

The group leader will post the presentations from the group in a designated area within the online classroom, or otherwise make them available to all students by day five. Each student in the class must view the presentations of at least 8 students outside of their group and comment on at least three of the presentations. The purpose of this exercise is to enable maximum interaction between students. Challenging questions and enlightening feedback is the goal.

Presenter Responses

Each presenter must monitor the discussion board and reply to the feedback posted by classmates. This exercise demonstrates the presenter’s...