Effects of Corporate Governance on Employee Ethics

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A Study to determine the Effects of Corporate Governance on Employee Ethics

Muhammad Hassan


Abstract 3

Chapter 1: Introduction 4

Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature 5

Chapter 3: Methodology 6

Chapter 4: Findings 7

Chapter 5: Summary 8

References 9

Appendices 10


This research paper seeks to explore the effects of corporate governance on employee ethics in a business environment. The purpose of this research is to determine employee’s perceptions about corporate governance policies. As well as to illustrate, the impact of corporate policies on employee’s ethics and the strategies being employed by the organizations to implement ethical policies and procedures. The data collected through this research will help to determine whether employees consider these policies effective or not.

The paper aims to determine the behavior of employees in a corporate environment where corporate policies are implemented successfully and helps to review the effectiveness of ethical practices from corporate governance perspective. The paper also discusses the ethical mechanism that could bring improvement in the corporate governance practices.

Chapter 1


This research paper aims towards determining the effects of corporate policies on employee’s ethics. The concept of employee’s ethics at workplace is now new but its importance has been significantly increased from the past few years especially after some corporate scandals which result in huge loss for the organizations. These include financial loss and damage to the reputation. If a scandal about any organization gains media attention then it not only causes financial loss like sudden decrease in stock price but also spreads bad word-of-mouth about the organization. It also shakes...