Iscom 305 Complete Course Week 1-5 All Assignments and Dqs

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ISCOM 305 Complete Course Week 1-5 All ASsignments and DQs

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ISCOM 305 Week 1 Individual Assignment - Employee Data Collection Training

1. Individual Assignment: Employee Data Collection Training

Your boss has asked you to help new employees understand uses of data in systems-operation management and the various statistical process controls they will experience on a daily basis. Create a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation in which you describe 5 to 7 of the following terms:

1. Core competencies

2. Division of labor

3. Key performance indicators

4. Operations management

5. Positioning

6. Productivity

7. Supply chain management

8. Strategy

9. Value chain

10. Control chart

11. Control limits

12. Process capability

13. Range

14. Sample

15. Statistical process control

16. Tolerance

ISCOM 305 Week 2 Team Assignment - Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting Session 1

1. Learning Team Assignment: Parker Earth Moving Company Consulting: Session 1

• Write a 350- to 500-word executive summary that outlines the needs of the customer. The following items must be addressed in your summary:

• The needs of the customer through the data provided in the scenario

• Discuss how you determined the needs of the customer

• How subcontractor A and subcontractor B meet the needs of the customer

ISCOM 305 Week 3 Individual Assignment - Taylor Incorporated Inventory Management Challenge

1. Individual Assignment: Taylor Incorporated Inventory Management Challenge

• Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes about inventory to present to the president of Taylor Inc. Complete the elements of inventory management and the EOQ components of the presentation. Address the following requirements:

• Describe elements of inventory management.

• Describe the meaning of the category of inventory...