Mat-144 Mission Project Part C

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MAT-144 Mission Project: Part C Statistical Study

Use the following resource to assist you in completing Part C of your Mission Trip assignment. You will also use Mission Project: Part C Worksheet and Part C Data spreadsheet to complete this assignment.

A friend of yours has recently come back from a mission trip. The mission team has collected some data. They need help analyzing this data and because you have just taken a math class and have been planning your own mission trip, your friend has asked you to help out.

The purpose of the mission trip was to bring clean water to a village in Sierra Leone. When the group arrived they took a sample of water from each of 100 randomly selected households around the village. One of the trip participants is planning to major in biology, so she was put in charge of analyzing the number of microbes in each water sample. All of this group’s data can is found in the included spreadsheet.

The group spent the next few weeks digging several wells around the village. The wells each produced clean water. However, the group was not sure whether the villagers would all use the wells to get all of their water or if they would continue to use their old water sources too. The group decided to take another sample of water from another 100 households one month after the wells were dug. To save time, they asked villagers to bring in samples of their water from home. They accepted the first 100 samples.

The group’s aspiring biologist who analyzed the data was worried about the integrity of the water samples that the villagers brought in themselves. At the last minute, she decided to collect some samples herself. She only had time to collect 20 samples from random households.

Analyze the data and record the results on the worksheet provided. You will use the results to write the report of your analysis of the data:

Once you complete your statistical calculations, prepare a report of your findings. Write a 750-1,000-word report of...