Scin 137 Final Exam Answers All Possible Questions

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SCIN 137 Final Exam Answers All Possible Questions

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Question 1 of 254.0 Points

Suppose Hurricane Bruno reached land with a sustained wind speed of 150 miles per hour. What category would the National Weather Service assign to this storm?

A.Category Two

B.Category Three

C.Category Four

D.Category Five

Question 2 of 254.0 Points

What is the relative humidity when the air temperature is 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the Wet Bulb temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit?

A.40 percent

B.50 percent

C.60 percent

D.70 percent

block is moving with a speed of 6 meters per second. What is the magnitude of the unknown force?

A.2 Newtons

B.11 Newtons

C.34 Newtons

D.102 Newtons

Question 4 of 254.0 Points

According to the Milankovitch Theory, which of the following is likely to produce change in the Earth’s climate?

A.Change in the tilt of the Earth’s axis

B.Change in the eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit

C.Change in the timing of the equinoxes and solstices

D.All of the above are likely to produce a change in the Earth’s climate.

Question 5 of 254.0 Points

On average, which form of severe weather causes the most fatalities per year in the United States?





Question 6 of 254.0 Points

The Mediterranean climate is included in which climate group?

A.Tropical Moist Climates (Group A)

B.Dry Climates (Group B)

C.Moist Subtropical Mid-Latitude Climates (Group C)

D.Moist Continental Climates (Group D)

Question 7 of 254.0 Points

Which of the following describe the Little Ice Age?

A.The Viking colony in Greenland perished.

B.Vineyards vanished from England.

C.Winters were long and severe, and summers were short and wet.

D.All of these...