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Free Training Transcript:

Getting Started with

Dashboards and Stories

Welcome to this getting started video on Dashboards and Stories. You can download the

Exercise workbook to follow along in your own copy of Tableau.

Dashboards and Stories

Dashboards are a way to present one or more views, often with filters, legends, and

interactivity tying the views together. Dashboards can include sheets, text, images, and


Stories in Tableau are narrated walkthroughs of one or more sheets or dashboards, for

example leading the audience through a discovery you made as you were analyzing the

data. Each view or dashboard in a story is called a story point.

Working with Views in Dashboards and Stories

Any view that is brought into a dashboard or story is simply a window to the underlying

worksheet. For the most part, changes made on one sheet – whether it’s a view or a

dashboard, will carry through to the other places that content is in use. Stories have

slightly different behavior.

To illustrate how changes ripple through the workbook, we’ll execute a series of

alterations on this simple scatterplot and see where those changes show.

Once content has been added to a story, it only tracks changes as long as it has been

unmodified on the story. Any changes made to content in a story do not reach back and

update the underlying content. Dashboards do reach back and update the underlying


The details of what we’re about to do don’t matter so much as the general understanding

of when changes will impact other sheets.

First, we’ll bring the scatterplot onto the dashboard and story. Go back to the scatterplot

and add Category to color. Verify the changes reflect on the dashboard and story. If we’re

ever on a dashboard or story and we easily want to get back to the specific sheet, it’s

highlighted on the left and there’s a go to sheet icon.

On the scatterplot, uncheck Technology. Verify that the dashboard and story change.