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Chapter 2 - Feasibility Analysis and Requirements Determination


1. Define information systems development feasibility.

2. Define feasibility analysis.

3. Discuss what feasibility analysis allows systems analysts to do.

4. Name and discuss three types of feasibility.

5. Identify the main challenges to requirements determination.

6. Describe the concept of problem domain.

7. Define the sub-activities associated with the requirements determination activity.

8. Define and apply the PIECES framework for doing requirements determination.

9. Define and apply Kozar's Requirements Model framework for doing requirements determination.

10. List and discuss Coad's object-oriented framework for doing requirements determination.

11. Discuss techniques for gathering an information system's true requirements.

12. Identify the most common causes of requirements ambiguity.

As its name implies, systems analysis and design is comprised of two major components. This chapter concentrates on the first component—systems analysis. More specifically, it will investigate the feasibility analysis and the requirements determination activities central to systems analysis.


A major but optional activity within systems analysis is feasibility analysis. A wise person once said, "All things are possible, but not all things are profitable." Simply stated, this quote addresses feasibility. Systems analysts are often called upon to assist with feasibility analysis for proposed systems development projects. Therefore, let's take a brief look at this topic.

Consider your answer to the following questions. Can you ride a bicycle? Can you drive a car? Can you repair a car's transmission? Can you make lasagna? Can you snow ski? Can you earn an "A" in this course? Can you walk on the moon? As you considered your response to each of these questions, you quickly did some kind of...