Netw206 Week 1 Lab

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Week 1 Lab: Switching Review & Multi-Layer Switching


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DeVry University

Date: 07/10/2016

Professor Name: Roseberry

This week you will be working with Switching as a review of your class material from NETW204 and as an introduction to the new material introduced in Week 1 and Chapter 1 of this course. This week you were introduced to the Cisco hierarchical network design model. In addition, you will be using this model as a way to organize the equipment selection for the course project in this class. Your Skillsoft lab covers multi-layer switching including exercises on multi-layer switching using Layer 3 ports, and using SVIs.

Section I: Switching Review and Selecting Hardware: (21 points)

1. Switch products and relevant resources are available at under the Products & Services > Switches section. Load the Switch page (shown below) and look at what resources are available to you here.


2. You will see two places to “view all switches.”






3. The Featured Products section lists switches by the categories that you were looking at this week as you learned about the Cisco Hierarchical Design Model and the Cisco Enterprise Architecture model.

4. Network switches come in different form factors, features, and functions. When working on your course project, your team will be selecting switches for different parts of your enterprise campus network based on the network requirements outlined in your project. Your team will be deciding on model, and features such as fixed configuration or modular configuration, etc., based on network requirements. Look at the Campus LAN – Access Switches page (as show below). Helpful information such as data sheets and comparisons between models is available from this page.

5. Use the current Campus LAN – Access Switches page to read about a few of the models available and fill in the table. (Add at least two switch...