Customers Loyalty and Satisfaction

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Customer loyalty is both an attitudinal and behavioral tendency to favor one brand over all others, whether due to satisfaction with the product or service, its convenience or performance, or simply familiarity and comfort with the brand.

Customer’s satisfaction is essential and which companies should focus on, in any business that does not succeed in satisfying its customers, there is very high tendency that the customers may not patronize the business again, satisfied customers are likely to be loyal and continue patronizing than not satisfied customers. If companies have loyal customers, they do not have to spend too much money for new customers, because the satisfied customers tend to advertise through the word of mouth.

In every place where there are restaurants, you can always see a lot of people near by seeking for what they desire to eat and some or most of those people patronize or give loyalty to some specific restaurants and its impossible that these customers doesn’t have their reasons why and how much they get satisfied to their favorite stores.

We can say that most of them has different that they outsider to figure out what product the people would like and for them to always come back for.

At that fact, people that will consume in a restaurant will show different reaction, or comments and reasons to like and recognize what product or service they could receive.

The researcher found information to limited numbers of people in Taguig about what kinds of temptation, does they want, reaction that they could, say or any reasons that they have for coming to the selected casual restaurant, how many of them gives loyalty and why they are loyal to those specific brand of food industry.

In this study, the researchers found data for their purpose which is knowing the level of satisfaction of customers loyalty on employee’s service quality in chosen casual restaurant in Taguig city.