Mis 535 Discussions All 7 Weeks

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MIS 535 Discussions All 7 Weeks

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Week 1 Discussions 1 MIS in Your Pocket

Can you run your company out of your pocket? Discuss how smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices can be used in running a business. Consider all types of devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7

Week 1 Discussions 2 Collaborative Culture in Business

What is a collaborative culture in a business, and how can technology promote and support this culture?

Week 2 Discussions 1 Strategic IT

It has been stated that IT provides a competitive edge to organizations. Can you think of a company that uses IT strategically? Perform some research on such a company and discuss its case in this thread. Make sure to use this week's material in your analysis e.g. use Porter value chain or other strategic frameworks.

Week 2 Discussions 2 Twitter Searches for a Business Model

Read the case study, Twitter Searches for a Business Model, and let’s see if we can draw some conclusions.

Week 3 Discussions 1 Users and Database Design

To what extent should end users be involved in the design of a database? How have our ideas of agile development environments affected this traditionally non-user input environment?

Week 3 Discussions 2 Database in the World of Internet Search

What types of databases are used by companies like Google in implementing worldwide search engines?

Week 4 Discussions 1 Internet and the Web?

The Internet and the Web are not the same thing. What is the difference between the Internet and the Web? Let’s discuss what the Internet is and how many kinds of traffic, including Web traffic, can run on the Internet. What are the key technologies the Internet is based on?

Week 4 Discussions 2 Internet Tools

Discuss the advantages of some of the current technologies...