Mktg 522 Week 8 Final Exam

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MKTG 522 Week 8 Final Exam

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1. (TCO B) What are the advantages of qualitative measurements when doing marketing research? What are the disadvantages?

2. (TCO B) Your colleague has been tasked to do market research for your company. Management is complaining that sales have not been where the company would like them to be (the sales are about 8% behind the projected goal). Senior…..…(Points: 20)

3. (TCO C) The United States has been a "services" economy since the late 1980's, at which time our GNP was focused more on providing services than the manufacture of physical products. Marketers recognize that the marketing of services is different than the marketing of a product because of the different characteristics that………..

4. (TCO C) You are the marketing manager for Fujiwama Corporation, an electronics company (fictitious) that specializes in cellular telephones. Your company's share of the cell phone market is 3.1% and you are listed as the #9 cell phone. ……….What strategic direction might it take with its product lines? To what risks might Fujiwama expose itself were it to go all out to gain that #5 market share position?

5. (TCO D) You are the product manager for a new disposable infant diaper ("Baby High Dry") that absorbs better than any other diaper on the market. Normally, an infant's diaper must be changed eight (8) times in a 24-hour period.…………(Remember that your channel members are in a position to promote your product. As you look at your pricing strategy, how does that strategy consider that which is important to your retailers?)

6. (TCO E) As the Marketing Manager for Cleanwipe Windshield Wipers, a manufacturer of replacement windshield wipers for automobiles and trucks, you are tasked with working with your channel members to help them promote……..?

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1. (TCO F) Edward Smeets is the new sales...