Pa 582 Discussions Week 1-7

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PA 582 Discussions Week 1-7

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PA 582 Viewpoints Week 1 Discussions 1 All Students Posts 28 Pages Keller Let’s begin the discussion by you answering the question, what does the term public administration mean to you? How have you been involved with public administration? What are the differences between the private sector and the public sector? What does public policy mean to you? What is the difference between policy and administration? What values are important to public policy that impact public administration? What values are important to public policy that impact public administration? What is the citizen’s role in the public policy process at the three levels of government?…

PA 582 Approaches to Public Administration Week 1 Discussions 2 All Students Posts 29 Pages Keller

The three approaches are a method to understand or categorize public administration. We may find ourselves tending to favor one approach over another because of our own philosophical thoughts and interests. When you think about the three approaches, is there one better than the other? Choose one of the approaches and explain the basics. Class, according to the authors of the course text, the New Public Management approach has become the dominant managerial approach in the U.S. When you consider the main features of this approach do you agree that it is the dominant approach? What is your evidence that government, especially local government, is getting worse? Can you elaborate? Also, I am not sure how you mean to link the employer’s desire or lack of desire for experienced workers with NPM? What are some current “trends” transforming our government and public administration today? Choose one of the trends transforming government, and address how that may impact the approach to Public Administration….

PA 582 Policy Process Week 2 Discussions 1 All Students...