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Australian Myths; Fact or Fable?This is a true republic, the truest, as I take it, in the world. In England , the average man feels he is inferior, in that he is superior: In Australia he feels that he is equal. " Francis Adams - minister to Britain (1861-68) and son of American president John Quincy Adams.   Irrespective of whether they are true or not, the type of myths that a society creates reveals an insight into its aspirations and values. In that regard, these myths are facts in themselves. Furthermore, they help define a model of behaviour so that over time, the myths can act like a self-fulfilling prophecy as people try to apply the myths to the operation of their own lives.   In the United States, the most significant myth is that of the American Dream which proposes that anyone can achieve - irrespective of whether they an immigrant, racial minority or a person stuck in a wheel chair. Although only a minority of Americans actually see their dreams come true, the vast majority of Americans still believe in the dream, and have worked hard to make it a reality. Most notably, the myth has been evoked by activists such as Martin Luther King Jr in campaigns for racial equality and the wheelchair-bound Franklin Roosevelt in his presidential legacy. Unlike America, Australian myths have very little to do with realising one's ambition. Instead, myths based around mateship, egalitarianism and a belief in a fair go aim to achieve a peaceful society where people don't feel either superior or inferior and where the underdogs are supported. It should be pointed out that the myths do not have universal support in Australia and never have. Mateship seems to particularly disliked by some sections of Australian society. For example, in 2012, the NSW Health Department banned the use of the word mate because senior management deemed that it could be disrespectful, disempowering and unprofessional. Likewise, academic Richard Waterhouse took aim at those who he saw as...