Internet Will Not Leads to Social Isolation

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In today's world, many of us tend to rely on internet and it affecting our daily habits. We can make use of the automobiles or computer through the internet to contact everyone who is online in anytime or anywhere and it is too convenient for us. Someone may argue that the internet destroying our traditional socializing even leads to more social isolation because they always focus on the disadvantages of internet. But I disagree about that. Actually, the internet providing convenience for us to communicate, avoiding an embarrassing face to face communication and the important point is the internet became a big trend. It is improving our standards of living and helping us to get closer to your friends.

First of all, internet creates more chance for us to communicate because of its convenience. As I mentioned, we can use the digital devices to contact your friends in anytime or anywhere. When the rapidness of development is so impressive, many of us focus on efficiency in our busy life. We had no time to relax yourself, have a high tea in half past three, even have a short chat with your friends. But because the internet appeared, we can have a little chat when you are working, taking a bus or going to the toilet. So the big benefit of internet is the convenience. According to the article 'Networked Families'(2008, Oct 13), '33% of internet users say that the internet has improved their connections to friends “a lot,” and 23% say it has increased the quality of their communication with family members.' From the information, we can find that internet improved our communication not only with friend, but also your family.

Secondly, some people who are introverted can avoid embarrassing through internet interaction. Each people had different personalities, a few people may feel shy or embarrassing when they having a face to face communication with stranger, acquaintance, even their bests friends. They may find it difficult to get along well with others because of the...