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Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Case Studies

Team up to address customer needs and maximize business opportunities with

high quality solutions from trusted partners in an enterprise mobile eco-system

Growing with you

Partner with the Future


Create new opportunities with an enterprise mobility partner ecosystem

Technology innovations demand new capabilities

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP)

Rapid advances in mobile information and communication

To help customers achieve successful enterprise mobility

technologies present new opportunities and challenges

initiatives, Samsung launched the Samsung Enterprise

for today’s businesses. The payoffs include enhanced and

Alliance Program (SEAP). As the mobile device market

quicker decision-making, increased employee efficiency

leader, Samsung thoroughly understands the needs and

and improved corporate responsiveness, which can provide

challenges of the mobile enterprise. That’s why the SEAP

additional revenue opportunities and improve customer

partnership program encompasses a large and growing

satisfaction. Meanwhile, many companies find it difficult

partner ecosystem that can holistically address a customer’s

to keep pace with rapidly changing and advancing mobile

full spectrum of enterprise mobility planning, implementation

technologies. For most businesses, the breadth of enterprise

and management requirements. Through SEAP, Samsung

mobility technologies, applications, services and components

works with partners to provide complete, packaged mobility

require a partner ecosystem to help them effectively embrace

solutions for business.

mobile initiatives.

SEAP was launched in late 2011, and has been growing

Customers seek help with enterprise mobility

solutions through trusted partners

since its inception. Currently, SEAP has over 1,000 partner

The complex and varied demands associated with enterprise...