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Andamon, Jacquelyn E. Go, Johnson L. Racraquin, Leona AC5

Disaster Recovery Plan of Central Mindanao University Concerning Student Records


Records and registers of vital historical, fiscal, and legal value must be preserved since they provide insights to the current status of an organization as well as provide basis for planning future actions. They are essential to every organization in performing its operations especially in institutions like Central Mindanao University (CMU).

As the university carries out its mission, various records are created. CMU, being an educational institution, keeps records of students which include their grades, accountabilities and current status. With the advancement of technology, the university has opted to store files electronically not just to process transactions faster but also for the purpose of security. But even electronic storage poses threats to our records.

While there are events that can be prevented such as fire and electrical accidents, some disasters cannot be avoided. Recent events include hurricanes, widespread flooding, earthquakes, and even bombing. But the fact is disaster is any event that inhibits the entity from accessing the data and systems it needs to operate, including regional power outages, computer viruses, hacking and other cyberattacks, employee sabotage and hardware failure. With concerns to records, whether through electronic or manual record keeping, the continuation of an entity depends on its response to the incident and contingency plan on absorbing the impact of the calamity to recover. An entity must have its disaster recovery plan (DRP). James Hall (2011), in his book Accounting Information Systems, defines DRP as “a comprehensive statement of all actions to be taken before, during, and after a disaster, along with documented, tested procedures that will ensure the continuity of operations.” (p. 679)

How CMU has prepared for ruinous events is a concern for the researchers with...