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1. The background of the case study is about Google which is the leading engine company in the world and when they started to offer there service in China. But later Google Inc. and Chinese government have their issue in allowing their citizens to access to Chinese version of (

2. The international marketing problem of the study is China government was started to lose their market share in a couple of years. Since they have a limited access and the contents are censor since google launch they lose opportunity to market products and to expand.

3. Provide a more reliable and faster searching engine.

4. Pros: If they provide a more faster, and reliable searching engine they can maintain they position as the leading searching engine.

Cons: If they shouldn’t maintain, there is a possibility that China will take their place as a leading searching engine.

5. I recommend that Google should Counter bad publicity by using the media to your advantage. Issue a series of press releases arguing that it would be more damaging to pull out of China altogether

6. One way of penetrating china’s market is adapting to their culture, since international marketing tackles about international or worldwide market it is very important to adapt to the culture of you target market. Knowing their needs and wants is a stepping stone for Google. For example, creating Chinese websites adapted to Chinese consumers. The content must be created and adapted to the interests and needs of Chinese consumers.

7. Same answer in number 6 as well.