Management Information System - Claude Philipps Said Dealing with Crazy Scenarios of What Might Happen in Every Area a Network Problem Staff Stopped in Traffic Jam Security Attack

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1. Could the 2004 Athens Olympics have been a success without all of the networks and backup technologies?

2. The 2004 Olympics is a global business. Can a business today succeed without information technology? Why or why not?

3. Claude Philipps said dealing with “crazy scenarios of what might happen in every area: a network problem, staff stopped in traffic jam, security attack…everything that might happen,” was the reason for so much testing. Can you think of other business that would require “crazy scenario” testing? Explain.

4. What is the business value of data warehouse? Use Argosy Gaming as an example.

5. Why did Argosy use a ETL software tool? What benefits and problems arose? How were they solved?

6. What are some of the major responsibilities that business professionals and managers have in data warehouse development? Use Argosy Gaming as an example.

7. What is business intelligence? Why are business-intelligence systems such a popular business application of IT?

8. What is the business value of the various BI applications discussed in the case?

9. Is a business-intelligence system an MIS or a DSS

10. Why do more than a third of all Web self-service customers get frustrated and end up calling a help center? Use the experiences of Blue Cross-Blue Shield and AT & T Wireless to help you answer.

11. What are some solutions to the problems users may have with Web self-service? Use the experiences of the companies in this case to propose several solutions.

12. Visit the websites of Blue Cross-Blue Shield and AT & T Wireless. Investigate the details of obtaining and individual health plan or a new cell phone plan. What is your appraisal of the self-service...