Strategic Management - Critically Comment on the Use of Corporate Portfolio Analysis for Examining the Objective Factors Involved in Exercising a Strategic Choice

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Strategic Management

Q1 Write a descriptive note on the historical evolution of strategic management and business policy of India and the world.

Q2 Describe some of the important characteristics of environment and demonstrate how a strategist can be understand it better by dividing into external and internal components and general and relevant environment.

Q3 Select a high-profile industry such as the IT or entertainment industry. Identify the major competitors and analyze these reports to identify the types of corporate-level strategies being used by these firms.

Q4 Which types of regionalization strategies are adopted by firms? Explain and state your opinion on whether Indian companies should adopt regionalization strategies.

Q5 Describe the different ways in which digitalization can help organizations in achieving cost leadership, differentiation and focus.

Q6 Critically comment on the use of corporate portfolio analysis for examining the objective factors involved in exercising a strategic choice.

Q7 Describe the manner in which an organization can align its resource allocation with its strategies.

Q 8 Discuss the need for stakeholder relationship management. Also describe the technique of stakeholders’ analysis.

Strategic Management

1. State the strategy of Hindustan Unilever in your own words.

2. At what different levels is strategy formulated in HUL?

3. Comment on the strategic decision-making at HUL.

4. Give your opinion on whether the shift in strategic decision-making from India to

Unilever’s headquarters could prove to be advantageous to HUL or not.

1. Consider the vision and mission statements of the Reserve Bank of India.

Comment on the quality of both these statements.

2. Should the RBI go for a systematic and comprehensive strategic plan...