Hrmt386 Memo for Human Resources Planning

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EmpireDuchess Enterprises

Interoffice Memo

Date: December 19, 2015

To: Doug Whiner, Vice President; Senior Management Team

From: Human Resources


In response to your request made on December 2, the following are recommended changes to the Human Resources planning and job design policies.

At EmpireDuchess Enterprises, we have a responsibility to our workers and community to provide adequate time off for new mothers. Maternity leave is mandated by federal law; therefore, it is necessary for us to accommodate these requests. These temporary work leaves can certainly take their toll on EmpireDuchess, as we struggle to find human resources to fill these roles during their absence. As we cannot discriminate against the hiring of women or deny them maternity leave, the following suggestions will lessen the stress and costs these types of leaves often produce.


Create new flex-time positions. Creating four new flex-time positions will allow us to pull from our existing pool of workers when positions become open. Adding these additional positions will help alleviate the stress from maternity leaves; also, when other workers are internally promoted or leave the organization we have already trained and skilled people ready and able to take their place. This will lessen the chance of us having to use costly temporary agencies to provide us with workers. Our dollars are currently wasted providing training to those workers who do not stay within the organization.

Cross training new hires in flex-time positions. By cross training entry-level flex-time positions to do both warehouse work as well as clerical duties, it gives us greater flexibility over lateral and promotional moves within the organization. Our entry-level positions are ideal for this cross-training. This will give us greater control over the positions trained workers are able to fill, as well as the amount of people able to...