Health & Safety Management - Explain the Significance of Marketing Strategy for Soft Drink Manufacturers Say Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola and Pepsi Cola in India Discuss Their

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Health & Safety Management

1. Consider the vision and mission statements of the Reserve Bank of India. Comment on the quality of both these statements.

2. Should the RBI go for a systematic and comprehensive strategic plan in place of its earlier pragmatic approach of responding to environmental events as and when they occur? Why?

3. Identify the opportunities and threats that the retailing industry in India offers to local and foreign companies.

4. Prepare an ETOP for a company interested in entering the retailing industry in India.

5. In your opinion, what is the distinctive competence of HelpAge India?

6. Prepare a strategic advantage profile for HelpAge India.

7. BHEL is mainly formulating and implementing concentration strategies nationally as well as globally, in the power equipment sector. Do you think it should broaden the scope of its strategies to include integration or diversification? Why?

8. Suppose BHEL plans to diversify its business. What areas should it diversify into? Give reasons to justify your choice.

9. What is the motive for internationalization by the Kalyani Group? Discuss.

10. Which type of international strategy is Kalyani Group adopting? Explain

11. Comment on the steps taken to reduce the extent of vertical integration at the Indian Railways. Suggest a few more measures that could be taken.

12. Discuss the measures taken for corporate restructuring of the Indian Railways, in your opinion, are these adequate for dealing with the problems faced? Why?

13. Propose the basic elements of a corporate turnaround for the Indian Railways.

Strategic Management

1. Illustrate the emerging concepts in competition and segmentation?

2. Explain PEST framework with the help of an example of your choice from the...