Consumer Behavior - How Should Golden Glow Be Positioned Repositioned to Bring About the Desired Change Among Consumers Give Your Reasons. Why Would Some Consumers Have High Involvement

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1. In what ways is Toyota’s new-product development system designed to serve customers?

2. In what ways is Toyota’s manufacturing system designed to serve customers?

3. How does Toyota personalize its cars and trucks to meet individual consumer


1. Consider the e-mail campaigns discussed in the case. Why do you think these campaigns were successful? Discuss the attention processes that were at work. Do you see any potential drawbacks to this type of marketing?

2. During the 2000 Super Bowl, ABC invited viewers to visit its Enhanced TV website. Fans could play trivia, see replays, participate in polls and chat rooms, and view player statistics. The site received an estimated 1 million hits. Why? Frame your answer in terms of exposure, attention, and comprehension.

3. Think about your own Web surfing patterns. Write down the reasons you visit

sites. Which of the marketing strategies discussed in the case do you find most

(and least) influential?

1. What behaviors are involved in online grocery shopping? How does online shopping compare with traditional shopping in terms of behavioral effort?

2. What types of consumers are likely to value online grocery shopping from Peapod?

3. Overall, what do you think about the idea of online grocery shopping? How does it compare with simply eating in restaurants and avoiding grocery shopping and cooking altogether?

1. Identify and discuss some of the cultural meanings for Sony possessed by consumers in your country. Discuss how these cultural meaning were developed and how they influence consumers’ behaviors (and affect and cognition). What is the role of marketing strategies in creating and maintaining (or modifying) these...