Bsa 500 Entire Course (Ash)

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Bsa 500 Entire Course (Ash)

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BSA 500(Business Systems I) Complete Class

Week 1

Discussion Questions:

Imagine you are starting a new business, expecting to have about $100,000 in personal or family capital and another $200,000 borrowed, say from a bank, Small Bus Admin (federal government) or an angel investor. How would you form this business venture (i.e. structure as per text Chapter 5)? Defend your choice!

Consider the business you chose for DQ1, and that you are almost ready to launch the business; including yourself (as a working owner) and three of your most important subordinates, describe each's role in management (if any) and why you made that choice, considering the four basic functions of management discussed in Chapter 7 of the text.

Week 2

BSA 500 Week 2 Individual-Virtual Organizations Table - Part I

Table 1, Virtual Organizations, Course Notes

Complete the following table using the Course Notes and Virtual

Organizations : Riordan, Huffman, Kudler, McBride, Elias Group, and Smith Systems

BSA 500 Week 2 LT Project-Introduction to Riordan Manufacturing

Complete a 2- to 3-page draft, including an introduction to Riordan Manufacturing and a list of useful accounting software modules. This draft is part of the preparation for the Riordan Manufacturing Paper, due in Week Six.

Week 3

BSA 500 Week 3 Individual- Virtual Organizations Table - Part II

Resources: Table 1, Virtual Organizations, Course Notes

Add your workplace to the following table and complete each column.

Table 1

Business Name Business Type Key Economic

Influences Key Government

Influences Key Legal







Fine Foods

McBride Financial


The Elias


Smith Systems


BSA 500 Week 3 LT Project-Riordan Manufacturfacturing Accounting Modules