Chinas Atm (Automatic Teller Machine) Market Share and Trends, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast 2017

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Chinas ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) Market Trends,

Opportunities and Forecast Report 2017 by Radiant Insights

At present, China is the world's second largest ATM market; however, according to China's official total population

number of 1.354 billion in China in 2012, the ATM ownership was only 307 sets per million people; this number

was higher than 265 sets per million people in 2011, and the level is close to the global level of 346 sets per million

people; but there was still a relatively large gap compared with 786 sets per million people in Western European

countries and 1,376 sets per million people in the United States.

According to the purchase statistics of the major banks, in 2012, the major state-owned commercial banks, jointstock banks, postal savings, city commercial banks, rural commercial banks and other financial institutions have

purchased about 100,700 sets of ATM equipments, increased by about 25,900 sets compared with 74,800 sets in

2011, and the growth rate was 34.75%. The five major state-owned commercial banks, Industrial and Commercial

Bank, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, Construction Bank and Bank of Communications, are still the key

purchasers with the procurement volume of about 64,500 sets, accounting for 63.98% of the total volume in China.

Of which, Agricultural Bank is the largest purchaser with the procurement volume of about 25,000 sets, accounting

for about 24.84% (nearly 8 percentage points higher than 2011).

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In recent years, the financial self-service equipment has developed from single teller machine, single deposit

machine to cash recycling system (CRS), and also achieved cash cycle, which is an important progress in the ATM

development history. In recent years, the procurement volume of CRSs in domestic banks has been increasing.

According to...