China Hospital Market Share, Size, and Forecast 2017 by Radiant Insights

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China Hospital Market Share, Size, Trends, Opportunities and

Forecast 2017 by Radiant Insights

Up to the end of 2011, the total number of China hospitals reached 21,979, and the average annual growth rate

was 2.7% from 2005 to 2011, the proportion of non-public hospitals increasing to 39.4%.

In 2011, China hospitals were classified by grade into 1,399 class 3 hospitals (including 881class 3 grade A

hospitals), 6,468 class 2 hospitals, 5,636 class 1 hospitals and 8,476 undetermined-level hospitals. In 2011, among

China hospitals, there were 13,542 public hospitals and 8,437 private hospitals. The gross profit margin of hospitals

was very low, only 3.8% in 2011.

At present, the marketization trend of China specialist hospitals is very clear, with the low policy risk, specialist

hospital is one of the investment focuses for social capital. In 2011, the number of China specialist hospitals

increased rapidly to 4,283 from 2,682 in 2005, the proportion of private hospitals reaching 59.4%. The average

gross profit margin of specialist hospitals reached 12.1% in that year, of which, the gross profit margin of eye

hospitals achieved 14.7% and cosmetology hospitals was 12.8%. In 2011, the gross profit margin of some

successful private specialists, such as AIER OPTHMALTOLOGY, TC Medical and MAYINGLONG PHARM was

respectively 55.3%, 47.25 and 39.4%.

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1. Development Overview of China Hospital Industry

1.1 Definition

1.2 Hospital Organization System

2. Market Overview of China Hospital Industry

2.1 Number of Hospitals

2.2 Operating Income

2.3 Profit Level

2.4 Medical Services

3. Development of China Specialist Hospital

3.1 Operation of Specialist Hospital

3.2 Status Quo of Variety of Specialist Hospitals

3.2.1 Eye Hospital

3.2.2 Stomatological Hospital

3.2.3 Children's Hospital

3.2.4 Cancer Hospital...