Retail Management - Is the Build-a-Bear Concept a Fad, or Does It Have Staying Power

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Retail Management

1. Is the Build-A-Bear concept a fad, or does it have staying power?

2. What can Build-A-Bear do to generate repeat visits to the store?

(1) What are the keys to making a success from the perspective of the companies investing in it?

(2) Why would a retailer want to invest in a virtual community like

(3) Can you think of other retailers that might benefit from developing a virtual community?

1. Describe how accounting irregularities can play havoc with a firm’s reputation, supplier relations, and manager morale.

2. Discuss other means of measuring and improving financial performance at Dollar General.

3. What are the financial management pros and cons of Dollar General’s placing greater emphasis on perishables?

4. Evaluate Dollar General’s inventory management initiatives.

1. Evaluate Sports Authority’s new design in light of the retailer’s objectives.

2. Discuss the pros and cons of Sports Authority’s use of specialty boutiques instead of its previous warehouse format.

3. Develop a promotional campaign for Sports Authority to capitalize on “the authority” image.

4. Do you think the WTSA network will prove to be a major contributor to Sports Authority’s atmospherics or will it turn out to be a fad? Explain your answer.

Retail Management

1. What is Rainforest Café’s retail offering and target market?

2. Were malls good locations for Rainforest Cafés? Why or why not? What would be the best location types?

3. Many retailers have tried to make their stores more entertaining. In a number of cases, these efforts have failed. What are the pros and cons of providing a lot of entertainment in a retail store or...