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The Training Information System is an extensive and comprehensive system that maintains and tracks trainings being conducted by the training department of an organization. This system has a wide range of masters, which provide high degree of customization and allow the user to setup the system as per his requirements. The system comprises of a set of masters such as course parameter master, faculty evaluation parameter master, which allow the user to define and modify the training feedback forms as per his organization’s needs. The system provides a comprehensive course master, which maintains details about the standard courses being conducted by an organization. It has flexibility of keeping track of both long-term and short-term courses. The system also maintains training eligibilities designation and employee-wise. The system keeps track of training actually availed by the employees. This facility keeps the training department and project managers well informed and helps them in the decision making and planning process. The system completely automates the entire workflow typically followed in a training department. It captures training requisitions, initiates training programs, records nominations, records cancellations if any, sends confirmation of nominations, records other batch details, records batch attendance and also captures feedbacks. It has provision for drawing up annual and monthly training calendars. The system also takes inputs from appraisals when the annual training calendar is being drawn up. The system has an interface with the recruitment module, which keeps the record of newly recruited trainees. The system also generates a series of documents such as intimation to participants, faculty, etc. automatically. It is fully integrated with Employee Information System and Recruitment Information and Tracking. Extensive and effective reporting functions provide you a snapshot of your organization’s training activities.