Hand Dryer Market by Type, End User, Mode of Operation

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Hand Dryer is an electrical device, mostly used for drying a person's hands by blowing warm air, either manually or automatically. Hand Dryer market is in high demand due to increased awareness about washroom hygiene, less use of paper towel, and growth of hotel industry. Presently, the hand dryer market faces a swift growth because of customization of hand dryers offered by manufacturers as per customer demand along with time saving factor and performance efficiency. Hand dryers are considered unhygienic and it is believed that they spread more germs as compared to conventional technologies, thereby affecting the market growth. Companies like Dyson, has introduced “Dyson Air blade hand dryer” which reduces bacteria on washed hands by up to 40%. Johnson Electric customized hand dryer are designed for increase in air flow, which reduces the drying time to half. Jet hand dryers is expected to dominate the market by value throughout the analysis period. However, market volume of hot hand dryers would dominate the during the forecast period. Hand dryers generated a revenue of $517 million in 2014 and is forecasted to reach a market value of $1,350 million in 2022 with a promising CAGR of 13% during 2016-2022.

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The biggest benefit of hand dryers is that they dry hands quickly and consume less electricity. Also, there is no need of paper towel, which ultimately saves money and is environment friendly as it reduces the usage of paper thereby saving trees in the long run. However, the spread of bacterial infection owing to the use of the dryer and high noise levels are the major factors that restrict market growth. Technological advancements to improve high noise level along with an increase in efficiency would create lucrative growth opportunities. The technologically advanced products, which are being launched in this market primarily focus on speed and hygiene, thereby enhancing their marker...