Construction Management - What Do You Understand by Investment Appraisal Explain the Following Methods of Project Appraisal What Do You Understand by Cash Flow Forecasting

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1. What a note on tender and tender notices

2. Discuss the different types of tenders?

3. Write a note on EMD and SD.

4. What are the procedures followed after the opening of a tender?

5. Explain the importance of organization in construction activities

6. Enumerate the general principles to be followed in forming an organization system.

7. A multi-purpose river valley project across a major river is planned for construction. Irrigation, power development, fisheries and picnic development are all planned. Suggest a suitable organization structure for construction and maintenance of this project.

Construction Management

Q1) what do you understand by Arbitration? What are the useful of Arbitration?

Q2) List the special rules that have to be followed while constructing.

Q3) Write a note on role of a Civil Engineer while planning and constructing a building.

Q4) what do you understand by economic life of equipment? Also differentiate between economic life and useful life?

Q5) which are the two main types of contracts? Explain them and list at least three sub types under each of them?

Q6) what are important stages in Construction?

Q7) Explain Safety measures to be adopted during drilling and blasting works?

Q8) Explain the objects and function of Construction Management?

Q9) Describe in Details various steps involved in construction planning?

Q10) Explain the types of scheduling techniques?


1. What do you understand by “investment appraisal”? Explain the following methods of project appraisal. What do you understand by “cash flow forecasting”?. What neat sketches, explain the uses of S – curve.

i) Return – on capital employed...