Principal Practice Management - What Environmental Factors Influenced Management Style at Disney

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Principal Practice Management

1. What was the cause of fear in RBM?

2. What were the symptoms of fear displayed by RBM?

3. How did the RMO come to know of the war phobia of RBM?

4. What actions should be taken to avoid building up of fear among the troops?

Which of these steps were taken by the officer?

1. Discuss merits/demerits of the role of strike, agitation and legal approach in

union management relations.

2. What role does mutual trust play in building union-management relations?

1. What were the strengths and weaknesses of VSNL?

2. Do you think that VSNL should have changed its thrust from basic telephony to

cellular services?

3. If you were the Deputy General Manager, what strategies would you have

undertaken to deal with the competition?

1. What environmental factors influenced management style at Disney?

2. What kind(s) of organizational structure seem to be consistent with “Dream

as a Team” ?

3. How and where might the informal organization be a real asset at Disney ?

1. How were principles of delegation and decentralization incorporated into Cine –

Made operations?

2. What are the sources and uses of power at Cin – Made?

3. What were some of the barriers to delegation and empowerment at Cin –Made?

4. What lessons about management in a rapidly changing marketplace can be

learned from the experience of Cin – Made

1. With retailers as their primary customers, what customer competitive

imperatives could be affected by Rollerblade’s inventory problems?

2. How appropriate might a just – in – time inventory system be for a product such

as roller skates?”

3. What opportunities are therefore...