Consumer Behavior - What’s Up with Our Fascination with Bigness Is This a Uniquely American Preference Do You Believe That Bigger’s Better Is This a Sound Marketing Strategy

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1. What’s up with our fascination with bigness ? Is this a uniquely American preference ? Do you believe that “bigger’s better ?” Is this a sound marketing strategy ?

2. What’s your take on this issue ? How do you react when one of your favorite songs turns up in a commercial ? Is this use of nostalgia an effective way to market a product ? Why or why not ?

3. Perhaps the appropriate question is not does sex sell, but should sex sell ? What are your feelings about the blatant use of sex to sell products ? Do you think this tactic works better when selling to men than to women ? Does exposure to unbelievably attractive men and women models only make the rest of us “normal” folks unhappy and insecure ? Under what conditions (if any) should sex be used as a marketing strategy ?

4. How was your experience – how helpful was this mannequin ? When you shop for clothes online, would you rather see how they look on a body with dimensions the same as yours, or on a different body ? What advice can give Web site designers who are trying to personalize theses shopping environments by creating life – like models to guide you through the site ?


1. Based on the case information and your personal experiences, list at least five things you know about Starbucks. This list offers you some idea about your cognitions concerning the coffee shop chain.

2. List at least things you like or dislike about Starbucks. This list gives you some idea of your affect for the coffee shops.

3. List at least five behaviors involved in buying a gourmet coffee drink from Starbucks. This list gives you an idea of the behaviors involved in a coffee purchase.

1. What affective responses do you think the Barnes & Noble environment creates? How might consumers’...